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What is Medical Tourism?
Why Medical Travel?
How it works?
Why Medical Tourism India?

Medical Tourism In India

Are you affected by the exorbitant healthcare costs in the U.S.?

If so, we�ve have a great news for you!

If you are among the 47 million Americans without medical insurance; one of the 250 million people with insurance, but, have restricted coverage due to pre-existing conditions; or one of the potential 330 million North Americans seeking elective cosmetic and/or dental surgery; or among the waiting list for state-run facilities often endless in the U.K., Canada, and Europe; ..........then, Medical Tourism is for you!! You�ll be amazed at the value of travelling to India to combine your healthcare needs and travel desires.

Imagine! Travelling to INDIA, in complete anonymity.....with MedicalBase Tour International as medical adviser and travel facilitator... You�ll have your procedure performed by some of the best surgeons, at world-class medical facilities, with state-of-the-art equipment. Then, you�ll recuperate in a beautiful, serene setting, with peace and quiet. As an added benefit, you may also choose to enjoy the interesting attractions your destination offers. You will receive all this for a fraction of the cost of the medical procedure alone in the U.S. Make this vision a reality by selecting MedicalBase Tour International, as your medical tourism service agent. We do all the pre-operative and post-operative work for you. Only the best surgeons, Hospitals, hotels and destination program managers have met our Stringent criteria and have been chosen to participate in this program.

MedicalBase Tour International � Medical Tourism � India

MedicalBaseTour International (MedicalBase) is one of India�s leading providers of comprehensive and integrated world-class health care facilitation services complemented by its single-window Travel and Tourism services in the burgeoning medical travel industry, with a vision �to create a trusted solution for cost-conscious patients to receive safely and successfully world-class medical treatments at affordable price through medical travel.

Modern Surgery Centers Overseas & Top Physicians

To get you the best medical care, we work with only the best hospitals in India. We have screened these hospitals based on their track record, international accreditations and associations (including some associations with prestigious medical institutions and hospitals in the US).

We continually update and monitor our network of medical surgery centers in India. This allows us to provide you a safe and satisfying medical and health tourism experience. Many of the staff and physicians in our hospital network have their medical training, certification and experience from US and UK medical institutes.

Medical Care Savings of 40 to 80%

When you opt to have a medical procedure done in one of our network hospitals, you save anywhere between 40-80% of the cost that you would otherwise incur on the same procedure in the US or UK. For example, knee surgery in one of our network hospitals in India costs US $ 7,000 whereas in the US it will cost $48,000. Hip resurfacing at our overseas medical network location costs about US $8,000; in the US it would be $55,000 and about 20,000 pounds in the UK.

If you are under-insured or un-insured and cannot afford medical care in the US, these savings can mean a huge reprieve. It creates a big difference in the quality of your life where earlier you had to choose between living with the medical condition or getting it done in the US and face financial calamity.

But even if you are insured, medical tourism may still help you end up saving a lot of money and provide access to better service. This is in case you have high deductibles or limited insurance coverage.

Enjoy the opportunity of improving your health at most affordable prices in India. Medical tourism is growing at an explosive pace throughout the world. MedicalBase Tour provides medical and health services to patients in finding and getting low cost and high quality medical care in India.

  • World Class Medical Treatment
  • Specialized and Tailored Attention
  • Affordable Costs
  • Care for your privacy
  • Tour and Vacation Package

MedicalBaseTour services offer you:

  • The choices and help you making informed decisions
    • carefully selected, highly qualified and experienced physicians and surgeons, the best of the best for each treatment
    • carefully selected JCI accredited hospitals and clinics
    • Carefully selected destinations to suit your requirements.
  • Coordinate all medical correspondence with your selected surgeon
  • Prepare detailed cost estimates
  • Arrange for medical consultations
  • Assist in your preparation for your surgery and accommodation.
  • Make all necessary bookings
  • Accompany you to all your surgery appointments.

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